Twelve suspects arrested in investigation into violent Brussels city gang


The local police of the Brussels-West zone arrested twelve suspected members of a city gang on Tuesday during thirteen house searches. They are said to have been guilty of acts of theft with violence, assault and battery, money laundering and extortion in the past year. The Brussels public prosecutor’s office reported this on Friday.

jvhSource: BELGA

“The committed acts are characterized by extreme violence,” it sounds. “The victims met with female suspects, but they were met at the place of appointment by male suspects. Among other things, these emptied the victim’s bank account via the mobile banking app on the smartphone or via the victim’s bank card.”

The young age of the perpetrators is also striking, according to the public prosecutor’s office: “These are young people between 15 and 19 years old, both boys and girls. It is also striking that the members of this city gang were not known to the court before they started their activities in 2022.”

On Tuesday, 110 police officers raided the various suspects and arrested twelve people. Eight of them were made available to the public prosecutor’s office, two adults and six minors. The latter were brought before the juvenile judge, while the two adults were placed under an arrest warrant by the investigating judge.

“The house searches went smoothly,” said the public prosecutor. “Police found an alarm gun, victims’ identity cards and other pieces of evidence linked to the facts.”

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