TV presenter in painful accident: stung in the mouth by a wasp

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Watch carefully what you put in your mouth, otherwise you could end up in the same situation as TV host Christian Bækgaard.

The TV 2 host said in a story on his Instagram on Thursday that he had been stung in the mouth by a wasp.

The situation took place when he was in a café with a friend.

It is important to drink plenty of fluids in the summer heat, and that is why TV 2 host Christian Bækgaard had sat down in a café to drink an ice-cold cola.

But when Christian Bækgaard took a sip of the cola, he got quite a surprise.

“I took a sip of the cola and can feel that there is something strange inside my mouth. When I spit out I discover that a wasp had entered my mouth,’ Christian Bækgaard tells BT

The wasp managed to sting the TV host three or four times before it came out of its mouth.

“It hurt like crazy. I’ve probably eaten four Sun Lollies and a kilo and a half of ice cubes,’ he tells BT

But it doesn’t stop there, because Christian Bækgaard also had to have his hair cut, and was therefore forced to have it cut with a bag of ice cubes in his lap and a mouth full of ice cubes.

“The hairdresser laughed and said he had never seen anything like it,” he tells BT

But it is not only the hairdresser who has had a good laugh. Many users on Instagram have also sent sweet messages to the suffering TV presenter.

“I actually have a small and quiet Instagram, but it exploded when I posted the picture,” Christian Bækgaard tells BT, and continues:

“The love from the followers is good for taking care of oneself with care.”

Christian Bækgaard also has a clear call: “It can be dangerous, so you have to remember to look in your soda.”

Christian Bækgaard has been a TV host on TV 2 NEWS since 2019, and in 2017 participated in the program ‘Vild med dans’, where he was the first to wave goodbye to the dance floor.

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