TV Globo reporter is attacked during work and is injured. Video!

Erick Rianelli, a journalist for TV Globo, was attacked while recording a report. The aggressor was retired public defender Cláudia Alvarim Barrozo, accused of racially insulting couriers. On social networks, the reporter was defended by her husband, Pedro Figueiredo.

The aggression took place at the exit of the Niterói Forum, in the Metropolitan Region of Rio. This is because Cláudia Alvarim and her daughter tried to prevent journalists from filming them. To do so, the pensioner tried to slap and kick Erick and reporter Raoni Alves, from g1.

Erick suffered an injury to his nose after the pensioner’s slap hit his cell phone and this, his face. Erick’s glasses also broke because of the aggression.

Pedro Figueiredo comes out in defense of her husband, Erick Rianelli

On social networks, Pedro Figueiredo protested about what happened. On Twitter, the journalist wrote:

“Every day, when you leave for work, you expect to return home safely, with your physical integrity preserved. And that the same happens to the ones you love. Today Erick was attacked during his work. Mrs. Anna Claudia Alvear Barrozo Azevedo disrespected not only the work of the press, but also the law. Bodily injury is a crime. Fortunately it was light and Erick is fine. But, as a husband and co-worker, I cannot consider situations like this normal. I hope that the PCERJ (Polícia Civil do State of Rio de Janeiro), as soon as provoked, do your part”, he declared.

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