TV: 330,000 euros per ad, TF1 says thank you to the French team!

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During the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the 30 seconds of advertising on TF1 during halftime of the final will cost 330,000 euros.

TF1’s plan for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is becoming clearer. This Tuesday, the channel unveiled the 28 posters that it will broadcast unencrypted and in full during the competition. The five best round of 16 will be broadcast on TF1, as will the three best quarter-finals, the two semi-finals and the final. And on the occasion of this event, the first channel in France will break all records in terms of advertising revenue. And for good reason, 30 seconds of advertising at half-time in the final in the event of the participation of the French team will cost advertisers 330,000 euros. It is, quite simply, the most expensive tariff in the history of television. A significant increase compared to the 2018 World Cup (280,000 euros).

TF1’s system for the World Cup takes shape

“It’s a period of very high advertising demand, the audiences are very powerful and these are expensive events” explained to L’Equipe François Pellissier, deputy general manager in charge of business and sports at TF1. “We are investing a lot of money to allow people to see these competitions clearly, we must also have the means to do so” he adds before concluding. “The event is so important that it goes beyond the broadcast period. We expect very big audiences because we are a little more at home at the end of the fall (compared to a World Cup in the summer) and there will be more prime matches- time than in Russia » explained the deputy general manager of TF1. The channel has already decided which group stage matches it will broadcast. On the menu, we will logically find France-Australia, France-Denmark and Tunisia-France but also some beautiful posters such as Brazil-Serbia, England-USA or Portugal-Uruguay and Spain-Germany.

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