‘Turma da Mônica: Lições’ was the MOST VIEWED Brazilian film in 2022; Find out who the others were!

The live-action version of the characters from Mauricio de SousaMonica’s Gang: Lessons‘ was the most watched Brazilian film in 2022, taking a total of 761,000 spectators to movie theaters across Brazil.

This data was collected by the Filme B portal and released in partnership with The globe.

Below you can see the Top 10:

1 – Turma da Mônica: Lessons (761 thousand spectators)
2 – Tô Ryca 2 (525 thousand)
3 – Provisional Measure (471 thousand)
4 – Detectives of the Blue Building 3 – An Adventure at the End of the World” (431 thousand)
5 – Eduardo and Mônica (406 thousand)
6 – Predestined (265 thousand)
7 – Tangled Together (249 thousand)
8 – Nothing Is By Chance (147 thousand)
9 – Pluft, the Ghost (126 thousand)
10 – The Speaker (126 thousand)

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Daniel Rezende command the production.

In the film, the group formed by Mônica (Giulia Benite), Scallion (Kevin Vechiatto), Magali (Laura Rauseo) and Cascão (Gabriel Moreira) is growing up and needs to deal with the challenges of moving from childhood to pre-adolescence. In the new adventure, they forget to do their homework and decide to run away from school, but not everything goes as expected.

Also in the list are Monica Iozzi, Paulo Vilhena, Fafá Rennó, Luiz Pacini, Lais Vilela, Emily Nayara, Lucas Infante, Cauã Martins, Sofia Munhoz, Gabriel Blotto and Pedro Souzain addition to special appearances by Malu Mader, Isabelle Drummond, Camila Brandao and Fernando More.

The film is an adaptation of the eponymous graphic novel, written and drawn by the brothers Vitor and Lu Cafaggi. The first live-action feature, ‘Monica’s Gang – Ties’took more than 2 million viewers to the cinema.

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