Turkish soap opera ‘Será Isso Amor?’: check the premiere date of all episodes on HBO Max

Romantic hit cliché in Turkey, “Is That Love?” is being shown in Brazil through HBO Max to the delight of the fans, who stirred the web by commenting on the final chapter of the feuilleton.. However, the platform decided to release a few chapters of the soap opera a week, different from what the public has been following in the final stretch of “Além da Illusion”.

More commented than the series finale “Game Of Thrones”, the soap opera that tells the love story between Eda Yıldız (Hande Erçel) and Serkan Bolat (Kerem Bursin) was divided into seasons. According to the TV news portal, HBO Max will end the show in November with 5 episodes per week, for a total of 165 episodes.

Chemistry between the protagonist couple draws attention in ‘Será Isso Amor?’

Eda and Serkan don’t have a good first impression of each other the moment they meet. Eda is a dreamy florist who lives with her aunt and needs the scholarship to support her studies, while Serkan is a renowned entrepreneur in the architecture business. His company is responsible for Eda’s scholarship, which is canceled. In the course of the plot, trying to recover the ex-fiancée who is going to marry, the businessman makes a proposal to Eda.

Serkan proposes to Eda to pretend to be his girlfriend for two months and after that time he would return his scholarship. At first she refuses, but goes back and accepts in the name of her studies.

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