Turkey shocks PSG with Icardi

On loan from PSG to Galatasaray this season, Mauro Icardi could be definitively transferred to Turkey at the end of the season.

In recent weeks, the Turkish press has already mentioned this hypothesis, but an important detail blocked a potential transfer from Mauro Icardi to Galatasaray: the colossal salary of the striker under contract with Paris Saint-Germain. And for good reason, the Turkish club is currently only paying a small percentage of the salary of the former captain of Inter Milan during his loan from PSG. In the event of a transfer, however, Galatasaray will have no other option but to pay the full emoluments of the Argentinian international. But according to information relayed by Calcio Mercato, Galatasaray seems ready to make a huge effort to recruit Mauro Icardi definitively, even if it means paying him the full 750,000 euros per month of his Parisian salary.

Galatasaray ready to recruit Icardi definitively

An unprecedented effort for a Turkish club, which sometimes pays large salaries but never at this height. For his part, Mauro Icardi is happy at Galatasaray, where he has flourished since the start of the season. In Turkey, the former Paris Saint-Germain striker found playing time again and turned into a goalscorer again, which he was no longer really during his last weeks in the French capital. Very grateful to the Turkish club, Mauro Icardi thus agrees in principle to continue the adventure at Galatasaray… provided of course that the Turkish club matches his Parisian salary. So that could be the case although to achieve that, Galatasaray are definitely going to have to part ways with one or two high market value players. The sacrifice is worth it according to the Turkish leaders, convinced by Mauro Icardi and who believe that the transfer of the former Milanese is essential next summer.

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