Turin, environmentalists go up on the balcony of the Piedmont Region with a banner against the climate crisis: 25 complaints – Video

Environmentalist blitz al Piedmont Region Building to Turin. Two activists from Extinction Rebellionharnessed and secured, they climbed to the balcony of the building in Piazza Castello, through a ten-meter long staircase, and, having climbed over the railing, they hung a large red banner, crossed by dark lines, to represent the dry and cracked earth, with written “Welcome to the climate crisis. Drought is just the beginning“. They then chained themselves to the railing and waited for the arrival of the police. The action comes right on the day when a five-day event that intends to focus attention on the climate kicks off in the Piedmontese capital, the second European meeting of Fridays For Futurein conjunction with the Climate Social Camp, in which all citizens’ collectives fighting against the climate crisis will participate in activities and actions of disobedience.

The Turin police headquarters has reported 25 activists. The charge is of building invasion, as two activists went up to the balcony to expose a banner, which was confiscated, as well as a stereo speaker used for voiceovers. The police station also issued five away sheets for as many Extinction Rebellion activists. For the children of Extinction Rebellion, the solidarity of the Climate Social Camp arrived, during the opening of the European meeting.

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