Tula Rodríguez and her daughter surf on vacation, but something didn’t go right | VIDEO

The host of ‘En boca de todos’, Tula Rodríguez is on vacation with her daughter Valentina on a cruise. Both are having a great time getting to know new places.

This was published by Tula on her official account on Instagram for her more than one million followers. They are accompanied by the entire family of journalist Víctor Hugo Dávila.

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Rodríguez was encouraged to surf, but unfortunately he suffered a small accident that did not prevent him from continuing to enjoy his vacation.

Then they made a stop at an exotic beach with transparent waters and no waves. Mother and daughter are creating the best memories this 2022.

Both Tula Rodríguez and her daughter Valentina have gone through very painful situations after losing their loved ones. As recalled, Javier Carmona died in September 2020 and the driver’s mother, Doña Clara, died of Covid-19 in March 2021.

Tula Rodríguez enjoys her vacation with her daughter on a cruise



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