“Trump’s tax returns must be delivered”: slap from the Supreme Court to the tycoon

It is likely that the request will not reach its destination, as it will expire in January, when the Republicans will take control of the Room, obtained at the midterm elections. But the Supreme Court gave the green light for delivery by the Treasury Department of six years of tax records of Donald Trump and some of its companies to the House Ways and Means Committee. The former president had asked to block the sending of his tax returns to the Chamber Commission, but his request was rejected. The tycoon accused the Democrats of Commission to have launched a witch hunt to hinder it. What is certain is that time is not on the side of the gods Democrats who drive the committee. Beyond the outcome, today is a serious defeat for Trumpwhich has tried for years not to spread them and is currently the focus of multiple investigations.

The ordinance of Supreme Court therefore allows the department of the treasure to forward to the ‘Ways and Means’ committee of the House of Representativeswhich had been requesting it for six years, the former president’s tax returns from 2015 to 2020. During the presidency Trumpthe treasure he had refused to hand over the documents to the commission, currently controlled by the Democrats. However, in the opinion of the Administration Bidenfederal law allows the commission to review the statements of any taxpayer, including those of a president. THE law courts lower-rankings had so far agreed with this interpretation, leading Trump to present a final appeal before the Court Supreme.

The former president’s legal team has continuously tried to keep secret her statements and turned to Supreme Court – made up of three of his candidates – after he lost at the level of court inferior. The chief judge John robertswhich oversees the lower court that issued the order in the case Trumptemporarily suspended the summons on Nov. 1, presumably to give judges more time to consider the matter.

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