Trucker from Rio Grande do Sul opens the game about OnlyFans and Miss Bumbum: “A common woman can be a muse”

Married for 12 years, the gaúcha Juli Figueiró 一 who is a truck driver, influencer and content creator for the OnlyFans 一, said that he decided to try the Miss Butt to “break down barriers” and change the idea that people have about the “muse profile”.

“I was already following the contest, and then came the opportunity to participate and show my more sensual, more empowered side. It helps to break paradigms, because we are very used to a muse profile, a fitness muse model. The idea was to arrive and show that an ordinary woman, a real woman, who is a truck driver, can stand out for her beauty, intelligence and body”, she defended.

in conversation with Israel Cassol, Juli said that it is common for people to be prejudiced: “There are people who try to annul a woman when she is beautiful. They say: ‘Oh, she’s pretty, hot, she must not know how to drive, she’s just showing her ass’. Why can’t we do things that men do? Beauty doesn’t stop,” she added.

Despite the prejudice for “being beautiful and working with a truck”, the content creator said that she received a lot of support from friends and fellow truck drivers when revealing that she would participate in Miss Butt.

“Everyone on the shoot supported the idea. I already had a crowd before I said I had applied. It was something that surprised me. We’re here [nas redes sociais] every day and we create bonds. People do collective efforts, many I don’t know, but they are helping me”, she celebrated.

Procedures and OnlyFans

Dedicated and determined to reach the final of the contest in her best shape, Juli is investing in aesthetic treatments mainly in the area of ​​the buttocks.

“I’m investing a lot in aesthetic procedures, focused on the gym, taking care of food. As much as I like it, I don’t have a fitness muse body, it’s not my profile, my profile has always been horse, big profile. I like this profile. I’ve been asked these days if I intend to enlarge my butt. No, it’s already huge and I like it. I’m working to show a wonderful butt on pageant day,” she said.

About the content she shares on OnlyFans, she explained that she has been on the platform for a year and that she created the page with the intention of showing her hottest side.

“I’ve always really liked the sensual side, daring, empowering, I’ve always worn tighter and low-cut clothes. I drew attention as a truck driver. Then came the idea of ​​selling content [no OnlyFans]show a little more”, he explained.

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