Truck loses load on roundabout in Heusden-Zolder

© Police Heusden-Zolder


Zahra Boufker/Marij Wyers

On the roundabout of the N72 between Beringersteenweg and Kasteletsingel in Heusden-Zolder, a truck lost its load on Friday afternoon. The passage was completely blocked and there was a long traffic jam. First everything was done to restore normal traffic, after which the driver had to submit the necessary documents. He will have to answer to court at a later date for poor securing of the cargo.

© Police Heusden-Zolder

The traffic service of Heusden-Zolder, in collaboration with the federal road police of Limburg, happened to be checking the load securing of heavy transport and the use of mobile phones behind the wheel. Two trucks had their cargo incorrectly or insufficiently secured and they were collected immediately. Two other trucks were so poorly secured that they received a PV and will have to answer to court at a later date. Another truck was immobilized on site and was not allowed to proceed until everything was correctly stacked and secured.

© Police Heusden-Zolder

Two drivers used their mobile phones behind the wheel and were immediately banned from driving for 8 days. There was also a PV for driving without a seatbelt. A driver misused his professional license plate. The number plate was confiscated. Three trucks were reported for ignoring the zone prohibited for more than 3.5 tons.


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