Trouble of Vojta Dyk? FIGHTING ANOREXIA

Leona Skleničková (22), who went through anorexia herself in her private life, took on the role of a girl with an eating disorder! The disease broke out in a nice brunette already in elementary school, when she longed for the attention of her classmates. “Anorexia started in me when I was about twelve. I wanted to be perfect and most popular. At about sixteen or seventeen, I was pretty skeleton, but I never reached that physical bottom. But of course I had problems with that. “ admits a young actress.

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The serial Lucia is saved by a popular professor, whom she collapses during class. The boys too The main heroine of today’s episode has recovered from her illness and wants to help open the eyes of other young people. Anorexia is not just about girls. “Not only a lot of girls, but also boys in real life have fallen into the idea that they have to be perfect in order to enjoy life,” confirms Leona. “Since I’ve been through this, too, I’d like to tell everyone involved that you can get rid of that eternal inner tension of fear of food and self-hating thoughts.” tells all anorexics and anorexics. “Most importantly, you must not underestimate it, because it is not just a weakness or a lack of strong will, but a disease that can be cured,” adds the rising star.

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