Trouble at one of the world’s finest boarding schools – made sexist and racist expletives

Prince Harry has gone there. Prince William has gone. And England’s two former prime ministers David Cameron and Boris Johnson have gone there.

But now the exclusive British boarding school Eton, which is considered one of the country’s finest, has ended up in a fierce storm that has given rise to massive criticism.

Several of the elite school’s students violently booed female students from the neighboring school and allegedly shouted both sexist and racist abuse at them.

The unfortunate episode occurred when students from a local state girls’ school came to visit the world-famous school, which is a boarding school exclusively for boys between the ages of 13 and 18, and where a year’s school fees amount to almost DKK 400,000.

Prince Harry has attended the school.

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The students had to hear a speech from the former British politician and TV presenter Nigel Farage, who is also called Mr. Brexit, as he was one of the leading figures behind Britain’s secession from the EU.

But all went wrong when the group of girls arrived at Eton.

The girls were bombarded with nasty shouts from Eton’s male students. According to BBC they were both subjected to racist and degrading calls.

According to Daily Mail sexist things were also shouted at the girls.

Queen Elizabeth has also visited Eton.

Queen Elizabeth has also visited Eton.
Photo: David Parker

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The ballad has received so much attention in England that Eton has subsequently issued a public unreserved apology for the behaviour, which the school calls ‘totally unacceptable’.

In addition, a group of students from the expensive boarding school have been sanctioned due to their behaviour. What the sanction is, however, has not been disclosed.

Incidentally, this is not the first time that the famous school has received criticism.

In the past, the school has been in the media due to the behavior of its teachers. Among other things, a teacher was fired in 2020 after teaching students ‘radical feminist orthodoxy’, where he argued that the biological difference between men and women determines their gender roles.

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