Trophy book in music clip: Did Dr.Sindsen and Emmy have sex?

Is Emmy Russ (22) also in Eric Sindermann’s (33) sex book in real life? The Ex on the Beach star released his first song last Friday. As part of an XXL event in Berlin, the designer “always wanted to be a celebrity” performed. In the accompanying music video he is, among other things, with celebrity Big Brother starlets emmy seen in bed in clear poses – the blonde is even behind Tara Tabitha (29) and Cora Schumacher (45) in his trophy book. celebrity flash the musician answered the question: Did he and emmy really sex?

“I would say now, nothing was going on”the former handball player claimed celebrity flash-Interview at the side of his release party. For the publication of his first rap, however, he came up with something very special – and needed a mega cast for the video. “Emmy and I met a year and a half ago. I think emmy is a pretty woman, she fit right into the video. She was the perfect cast,” he said. Even if it is Eric doesn’t really matter what others think about him, he wants to prove with his work what he’s made of: “It hurts me when people ask: ‘Eric‘do you play back?’ I’ve been practicing hard for three years and it’s going to be good.”

But what does the girlfriend of the reality TV star say about the clip and his fictional sweetheart emmy? That Katha is not entirely enthusiastic is also understandable for her loved one. “I have to protect her. That takes some getting used to for every woman – my image is sex pros.”, the 33-year-old stated. All in all, she gets along with her job quite well.

Eric Sindermann at his release party
Eric Sinderman and Emmy Russ

“Always wanted to be a celebrity” music video

Eric Sinderman and Emmy Russ
Eric Sindermann and his girlfriend Katha in March 2022 in Berlin

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