Tron: Ares, Joachim Rønning possible director of the film with Jared Leto

The production of Tron: Ares, the new chapter in the sci-fi saga, seems to be about to begin and Joachim Rønning could be at the helm of the film with star Jared Leto.

Tron: Aresnew chapter in the sci-fi saga, could finally be made: Disney would be conducting negotiations with Joachim Ronningwho would be close to accepting the directorial job.
The protagonist, as previously announced, will be the Oscar winner Jared Leto.

Filming on Tron: Ares could begin in August in Vancouver. Joachim Rønning could therefore collaborate again with Disney after making Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge and Young Woman and the Sea, a new film with star Daisy Ridley.

Jared Leto should be the protagonist of the new chapter of the saga written by Jesse Wigutow and conceived as a sequel to Tron Legacy, directed by Joe Kosinski.

Tron: Like 40 years ago we saw the future

The story brought to the big screen in 2010 starred Garret Hedlund and Olivia Wilde continuing the story that began in the 80s with Jeff Bridges in the role of a man who gets stuck in a program called Grid, where he has to participate in dangerous and potentially mortals.

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