Trivia of Youth of May that will convince you to watch the drama

If you want to watch a series that is based on a true event and will make you cry your eyes out, Youth of May is a K-Drama for you. The story features a medical student and a nurse, who live first-hand one of Korea’s darkest periods. These are some trivia that are reason enough for it to be the next drama you watch.

Youth of May is a sweet and tragic drama about the love story of a medical student and a nurse who live in the city of Gwangju. Although the story follows their romance, it is clouded by the shadow of a very tough time for South Korea.

Youth Of May recounts one of the darkest events in South Korea. // Source: Twitter @inyoeps

If you like tragic stories based on real life, the drama Youth of May is a perfect recommendation for you. It is inspired by the 1980s, when South Korea was under a dictatorship, and portrays a couple who end up involved in very harsh events that occurred in Gwangju during that time.

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Curious Youth of May facts that will make you want to watch the drama

  • Talk about the Gwangju massacre

This drama talks about one of the most tragic historical periods in South Korea, where the country was plunged into a dictatorship and there was a lot of oppression by the government of protesters. Especially in Gwangju, where the terrible Gwangju massacre took place. On that date, the government ordered the murder of all the demonstrators, and it is even said that to date many people have not been able to find the bodies of their relatives who disappeared during the massacre.

  • Protagonists worked together in Sweet Home

Before appearing in the drama Youth of May, Lee Do Hyun and Go Min Si worked together in Sweet Home, a suspenseful drama starring Song Kang that is available on Netflix. Do you remember his characters.

  • Lee Do Hyun and Kim Won Hae worked together before

Actor Lee Do Hyun worked alongside Kim Won Hae in the drama Clean with Passion Now, a romantic story about a CEO who is obsessed with cleanliness.

  • The actors won several awards for the series

In 2021, the actors garnered several of the KBS Drama Awards. Lee Do Hyun won the award for excellent actor, Go Min Si the award for excellent actress in a mini-series, Geum Sae Rok took the award for best supporting actress, Jo Yi Hyun the award for best child actor. Lastly, Lee Doo Hyun and Go Min Si took home the award for best couple.

  • Super Junior’s Ryeowook is part of the OST

For this drama Ryeowook sang the song Starry Night, a sweet and nostalgic melody that perfectly demonstrates how bittersweet the love story of this drama became. A painful love in times of war.

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Where can I watch Youth of May with Spanish subtitles?

The 12 chapters of Youth of May can be found with Spanish subtitles through the doramasflix portal. It is a story that will make you cry in each of the chapters and you will want to repeat it on more than one occasion because of the tragic love story and the historical moment in which Korea was plunged during that time.

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