Tristan (LMvsMonde6) in love, his girlfriend’s face revealed

You may have missed it, but Tristan is no longer a heart to take. Yes, the candidate of Marseillais vs the rest of the world 6 is in a relationship again. It was he himself who confirmed the nice news on his account Instagram. According to his secrets, he has been seeing his sweetheart for almost two months and love is clearly there. “It will be five years since I felt that” he thus confessed. But what does the lucky one look like? We finally have the answer to this question.

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Tristan’s Girlfriend Face Unveiled! – Credit (s): Instagram mayamo_tv

As you can see in the screenshot above, the account Instagram Mayamo TV showed the face of Tristan’s girlfriend. According to her exclusive information, it would therefore be a sublime brunette named Lola. “She’s cute” he specifies in the caption. The blogger, however, did not give more details on the young woman. The most curious among you will therefore have to wait before discovering more about the one that capsizes the heart of the handsome 28-year-old.

Soon formalization?

If some fans of Tristan are saddened to see him leave the singles market, others rejoice in his happiness. Very close to his community, the influencer said he would soon appear with his half on the networks. The opportunity to learn a little more about their meeting and the beginnings of their history. While waiting for other crispy information, know that Tristan was eliminated from the adventure of the Princes and Princesses of Love 5 and we know the name of his replacement.

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