Tristan (La Villa 6) madly in love, he reveals an adorable message

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After several months of celibacy, Tristan has confirmed to be in a relationship again and one thing is certain, the candidate that we recently saw in Marseille vs Rest of the World 6 is a happy man: “I’ve been dating this woman for almost two months and it’s a crush. It’s been five years since I felt that, I thought I was going to end my single life to tell you the truth … And it hit me so yes, today my heart is taken “ he notably declared during an exchange with his community. Although this romance is still very recent, this does not prevent Tristan from being already madly in love.

As you can see on the Instagram post above, the handsome brunette has totally opened his heart by captioning several photos of him shirtless: “To have feelings, something that hadn’t happened to me in years and my god how good it feels to relive that. I sincerely wish you to find this person who will make you vibrate “.

A new story approved by many

If a lot of young women have expressed their disappointment when they discovered that Tristan was in a relationship again, most internet users are still delighted to see him happier than ever: “Can’t wait to see and meet this nugget that capsized your little heart”, “I wish you a lot of happiness with your new girlfriend. May it last a long time, infinitely”, “Anyway she seems to make you happy with your smile”, “You deserve it” could one read in particular under the publication. A happiness that is a pleasure to see! Elsewhere in the news people and since we are talking about love, it is rumored that Paga and Giuseppa are about to get engaged.

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