Triple accusation against Gérard Lopez, the UNFP clashe Bordeaux

Eager to reduce his payroll in Bordeaux, President Gérard Lopez sidelined Zerkane, Baysse and Koscielny.

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The Girondins de Bordeaux absolutely want to reduce their payroll and to achieve this, President Gérard Lopez is ready for anything. In recent days, the Scapular club have announced that Zerkane and Baysse have been sidelined while Koscielny, who is still training with the pro squad for now, will also be pushed out. A rather questionable attitude on the part of the Girondins de Bordeaux, who received this weekend a blow of pressure from the players’ union, the UNFP. In a virulent press release, the players’ union qualifies the attitude of the Girondins de Bordeaux and more particularly of Gérard Lopez as “unsinkable”.

The UNFP smashes the attitude of the Girondins

“July 2017… July 2019… and January 2022! Lille… Bordeaux… and Bordeaux. Gérard Lopez and Gérard Lopez. In July 2017, under the presidency of Gérard Lopez, the LOSC put eight players on the sidelines. In July 2019, the Girondins de Bordeaux had placed six … In January 2022 under the chairmanship of the same Gérard Lopez, the Girondins have just declared that one of their player will be gone before the end of the month, that three others are in “disgrace “, And finally, that two other footballers, also under contract, are put aside” deplores the UNFP in its official statement before continuing. “That in the land of the wine-king, one decides thus – and once again… and once too many!” – to put pressure on players, to “foot” them with the ball so that they prematurely renounce their contractual commitment, is unworthy of a big club like the Girondins de Bordeaux (…) Finally, whatever either the cellar master or the year, 2019… 2022, this Bordeaux is, for the UNFP, undrinkable ” railed against the players’ union, rising up in front of the Girondins in order to defend Zerkane, Baysse and Koscielny. A bloody press release which will undoubtedly provoke a response from the Aquitaine club …

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