Trinità dei Monti, the Maserati driver to agents: "I made a mistake"

Rome, May 14, 2022 – They stopped him at Malpensa airport while returned the Maserati he was with the night before descended from the steps of Trinità dei Monti in Rome. Damaging it and then fleeing.
Tracked down and reported, he is a foreign entrepreneur, aged 37 of Saudi origin, the man who, in a Maserati, on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday 11 May, damaged the Unesco heritage staircase in Piazza di Spagna and then ran away. He tried to return the car – hired a few days earlier – to Malpensa airport, in Lombardy, when it was intercepted by customs agents.

In front of the policemen he would have justified himself by saying: “I made a mistake”. Against the 37-year-old the complaint was filed for aggravated damage.

The Maserati on the Spanish Steps in Rome on the night of 11 May
The Maserati on the Spanish Steps in Rome on the night of 11 May

On the trail of the motorist

The investigations, launched immediately by the agents of the “ex Trevi” Center Group of Polizia Roma Capitale, made it possible to trace, already in the hours immediately following, the data relating to the hired vehicle. Thanks to further checks, with the contribution of the car rental company based in Milan, it was possible to identify the person responsiblestopped at the time of delivery of the car to Malpensa.

License plate and model of the returned car corresponded to the one reported by Rome. Cornered, the stranger confirmed that he was driving the luxury car in which he had gone down the steps of Trinità dei Monti, breaking some steps. The arrested person was then identified and in consultation with the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Busto Arsizio, referred to the Judicial Authority for damage to monumental assets.

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