Trine Dyrholm disagrees with the director’s criticism of Danish films: ‘Maybe he doesn’t go to the cinema that much’

‘The Party’, ‘The Idiots’ and ‘Mifune’s Last Song’.

The dogma films put Denmark on the world film map, and they also mark the most recent period when Danish films were good. Now they are instead conventional and predictable.

At least that’s what the successful Swedish director Ruben Östlund thinks – a point of view he has aired several times.

But Trine Dyrholm, one of Danish film’s most popular actors, does not agree. She confirmed this on Thursday evening on the red carpet for the theater performance ‘The Producers’ in Det Ny Teater.

“It could be that he hasn’t seen any Danish films. Maybe he doesn’t go to the cinema that much.’

“He (Ruben Östlund, editor) is a provocateur after all. And as far as I know, he and Mads Mikkelsen had a rather good and challenging dialogue about this theme, so I think it’s just been exciting to follow.’

The meeting between Mads Mikkelsen and Ruben Östlund, which Trine Dyrholm refers to, is, among other things, a video on the Swedish director’s Instagram.

Here they talk about the film ‘Pusher 2’, and the Swedish director says that it was many years ago and then asks what has happened since then.

Mads Mikkelsen’s answer to this is:

“I became famous.”

Ruben Östlund has also, with a certain self-irony, written in the text of the video that Mads Mikkelsen puts a pretentious Swedish director in his place.

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