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Who hasn’t experienced that when cooking rice for two, they end up making a pot with a portion for four or six people? For some people who are not so skilled in the ups and downs of the kitchen, it is not so easy to calculate the exact portion of rice per person when cooking it.

The most advisable thing is not to follow that maxim of “better than about than missing” and try to reconcile quantities to satisfy our guests. And even more so if it is as simple as following the homemade trick that since Mag We reveal below to calculate the exact portion of rice per person.

Tricks to calculate the rice ration per person

Yes in the main dish the protagonist will be the rice, we must calculate that with 100 grams per person will suffice, whereas if it’s just a accompanimentwe can reduce it to half, that is, to 50 grams per guest. These are the measures that should always be taken into account.

White rice. (Photo: Pexels)

Once we are clear about the ideal measurements per person, we can do two things: resort to a container with measure or to one conventional cup. The latter usually has a capacity of 200-250 ml, that is, if we fill it halfway with rice, we will have a portion.

If we don’t have a cup to hand we can measure the quantity per handful. Two handfuls are equivalent to a serving, although it can vary, since it will depend on how big or small the hands are.

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