Tribute to Thierry Parel, the friend of images and plants

The pictures of Thierry Parel have often been printed in the pages of the Time. From the beginning of this newspaper in 1998, the Geneva photographer has published beautiful portraits and reports there, on the world of innovation in particular. Endowed with a keen sense of observation, which allowed him to reveal unexpected angles, he also knew how to collect first-hand accounts, which made him the best-informed photojournalist in the market. The writing of Wide Networkwith whom he shared his offices for twenty years, has lost a precious ally and friend.

His passion for biodiversity was old and contagious. As a teenager, even before attending the Vevey Photo School, he had obtained a horticultural diploma in Neuchâtel. He knew the Latin names of plants and had been interested in the green cover of cities since long before the repeated heat waves. His book Remarkable trees, sold out when it was released in 2017, had just had a successful reissue and was already preparing the next one. An enthusiastic cyclist, he died suddenly during a bike ride on July 9 near a common beech tree (Fagus sylvatica, as he would have said). Our thoughts are with his partner, Anne-Catherine, and his son, Roman.

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