Tribute to Dagmar Havel: Three times on the cover of a prestigious magazine!

He is wearing a black coat on the other two, dark glasses on his eyes. It was as if she was hiding from something. In one case, he walks down the street and raises a black-gloved hand toward the lens. In the second, it leans against a stand in the lobby of the Roman metro. “My favorite photo from about 40 photos inside the last issue,” Dagmar wrote of the picture, in which she lies on a sofa. And she admitted that she was happy not only with the photo shoot, but also with the hour-long conversation. “My favorite writer Alena Mornštajnová asked me,” the actress boasted on her Instagram.

Dagmar Havlová at the Karel Vágner celebration: She talked about her granddaughters!

The eternal city

The renowned photographer Branislav Šimončík (45) chose Rome, nicknamed the “Eternal City”, to take the pictures. “Diva and the muse. Professional. Collector. The Traveler … ”evaluates Vogue’s pictures, which Šimončík s Havel made. And it must be admitted that Dagmar cuts it off unbelievably. Judge for yourself!

Dagmar Havlová at Abrhám’s funeral († 82): She came at the last minute, she disappeared immediately after the speech

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