Trial of the attacks in Brussels: a delay “of a few weeks” following the decision to dismantle the glass boxes

Thursday, we learned that this work would not make it possible to have the courtroom on October 10, the time normally set to proceed with the composition of the jury.

Asked Friday morning by VRT-radio to find out if this decision could not have been taken earlier and thus avoid any delay in the trial, the minister recalled that all the parties could only be heard during the hearing. preliminary, mid-September.

“And it is only during the preliminary hearing that the circumstances in which the trial will be organized are defined. It is the President of the Court who has the last word. And she decided that these boxes were not reconcilable with the European Charter of Human Rights”.

The minister further specified that the exact duration of the postponement was the subject of consultation between the president of the SPF Justice and the president of the Assize Court.

“Everyone plays their role, but the Minister of Justice is not a party to the trial. If I had to comment on this one, then I would be putting the trial at risk. But I think the delay will be limited. It will not be a question of months, it will rather be a question of weeks,” concluded the minister.

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