Trial of Bart De Pauw: “The victims finally recognized”, welcomes the Institute for the equality of women and men

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The Mechelen Criminal Court sentenced Bart De Pauw to a six-month suspended prison sentence for the harassment of five women and the harassment of a woman by electronic means of communication.

“It is thanks to the courage and the testimonies of all these women that this conviction could take place”, reacts in a press release the lawyer Christine Mussche, who defended the civil parties. “This judgment is of great importance at the societal level. It shows that transgressive behavior cannot go unpunished, even if the perpetrator is a personality from the world of television, appreciated by the public and who knows a certain power. “

The women victims of Mr. De Pauw’s harassment hope that the judgment will make it possible to clearly establish that they have been victims of serious offenses, continues the IEFH. The women’s rights institution stresses that their names had been published and that they were the victims of insults, accused of being motivated by money or the desire to attract attention.

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According to the IEFH, “the feeling which dominates among the victims is a feeling of gratitude, thanks to the condemnation, but also of hope that Bart De Pauw will not make another victim”.

The judgment of the Criminal Court of Mechelen comes on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

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