Trial against Benjamin Melzer: is Jan Leyk facing ruin?

Jan Leyk (38) is apparently going through a difficult time! The former BTN actor has been arguing with Benjamin Melzer for a few months. The latter was biologically born a woman. Things escalated between the two when the Realitystars contestant’s fight dubbed him “girlfriend” in July. Then they probably went to court. That cost Jan a lot of money – is he now on the brink of ruin?

In its Instagram-Story he shared a long statement and described his current situation. “I’m scared of what’s to come. Scared of seeing my wife even sadder. Scared of losing my home. Scared of not being able to be creative anymore. I always wanted to take away the fears of others and be strong for you.” Jan and hinted at having severe financial problems. Because then he listed how much he apparently stole for the trial against Ben.

According to the 38-year-old, the costs are around 65,000 euros. “I’m exhausted mentally and physically. […] With the case of Melzer versus Leyk, I am finally brought to my knees. […] All because of a funny story about one of my best friends and the jacuzzi picture of the two including the label “girlfriend” and the resulting kindergarten”. Jan out, but also emphasized that he would “somehow master this challenge”.

Collage: Jan Leyk and his girlfriend in August 2022

Instagram / benjaminryanmelzer

Benjamin Melzer, reality TV star
Jan Leyk, ex-“Battle of the Realiystars” candidate

Do you think Jan and Ben will be able to sort this out soon?

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