Trentino-Alto Adige, landslides, mud and flooded streams after a violent storm: one hundred people evacuated in Val di Fassa

Bad weather arrives, after so much drought, and hits the Trentino Alto Adige. In Trentino, where a yellow alert was issued by the Civil Protection, one water bomb she went wild on Val di Fassacausing flooding in hotels and private homes in Mazzin, Pera, Vigo, Pozza, and other towns in the area. One hundred people were evacuated due to the risk of landslides. All the fire brigades are operational and other volunteer corps have also arrived in the area to give support. The S48 state road of the Dolomites is blocked in several places for landslides and landslides. In particular, the most critical situation occurred in the area of Vigo di Fassawhere a water bomb quickly caused landslides and the flooding of some streams, such as in Fontanazzo and Campestrin, hamlets of Mazzin and San Jan, where a huge landslide of poured mud has invaded the street. The evacuated people will spend the night in the Civil Protection center and in the gyms. In these hours, an Operations Center is being prepared where the information gathered by the technicians of the Province of Trento and by the firefighters who are guarding the most critical areas following heavy rainfall, converge.

Also in South Tyrol there have been dozens of interventions by the fire brigade to make roads and homes safe, also because of the felled trees from the wind. In Val Badia over ninety liters of rain per square meter have fallen in a short time and many roads are closed. The area around San Martino in Badia was the hardest hit: in an hour, starting at 5.20 pm, they almost fell one hundred millimeters of precipitation per square meter. The weather situation improved in the evening and a further improvement is expected in the night. On Saturday, during the afternoon and evening, new thunderstorms are expected and possible. About a thousand firefighters, volunteers of fifty corps are in intervention from the early hours of the afternoon: more than two hundred interventions were recorded during the day.

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