Travis Scott’s tragedy at a show adds up to more than R$4 billion in lawsuits, says website

The show performed by Travis Scott on the last 5th of November he left 10 dead and already has more than 125 processes involving the singer and Drake, who made a cameo during the event.

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According to the website TMZ, Live Nation and Apple companies have more than 125 processes, opened by fans who were at the presentation, which took place in Houston, Texas, in the United States. During the concert, several fans in attendance started pushing and shoving, resulting in tragedy.

Among the 10 dead were victims between 9 and 27 years old. The more than 125 fans and their families filed lawsuits that could cost more than US$750 million, around R$4.1 billion at the current price. Tony buzbee, a lawyer, filed a lawsuit that blames the rapper and organizers for neglecting the victims and not planning the show properly, which includes training security personnel and holding the presentation in a safe manner.

In addition to Travis, singer Drake and companies are being sued by the family of Axel Acosta, 21, one of the victims of the tragedy. According to the lawsuit, he was “crushed by a mob incited, undisciplined and uncontrolled so hard that he could no longer breathe”. According to the lawyers, the amount of the lawsuit would cover the survivors’ physical and mental injuries, as well as costs related to those who lost their lives in the presentation.

“No amount of money will ever bring back these loved ones, it cannot restore human lives. It will repair damage, as well as help to overcome the trauma suffered by the applicants.” The lawsuit also alleges that Live Nation and the rapper allegedly offered refunds almost immediately to those who attended the show after the tragedy. The move was considered “a transparent and grotesque effort by the defendants to limit their after-the-fact responsibilities to the families of the dead or injured.”

In addition, the police are still investigating the cause of the deaths, even though witnesses in the audience claim that “a mob arrested, trampled and suffocated fans”. Sources close to the artist claim that he “did not realize the gravity of what was happening in the crowd while he was performing”.

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