Traveling by scooter: the city of Nîmes reminds of the rules to be respected

On a scooter on the sidewalks of General-Perrier? Forbidden ! This Thursday, May 12 in the morning, a young man on two wheels who was racing and was probably trying to avoid traffic jams around Les Halles by passing on the sidewalk, was the subject of a legal reminder. . “It is forbidden to drive on the sidewalk, it can cause accidents for pedestrians”, informed him of the municipal police officer who arrested him.

Reminder of the rule.
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A prevention operation was indeed organized in the city center and on the boulevards. Objective: to inform EDP users (personal transport vehicles, such as scooters, gyroroues, etc.) of the rules in force in the City of Nîmes, updated by municipal decree by Mayor Jean-Paul Fournier following the accident tragedy that led to the death of a 13-year-old minor on April 20, avenue du Maréchal-Juin.

“The situation was becoming dramatic”

“The situation was becoming dramatic, underlined security assistant Richard Schieven. We consider it necessary to remind users of the traffic and parking conditions for personal transport vehicles, whether motorized or not. Specifically, EDPs generally have a speed limit of 25 km/h. They are prohibited from driving on the sidewalks.

In Nîmes, their circulation (except lanes and cycle paths) is prohibited: on boulevard Salvador-Allende, boulevard des Français libres, avenue Kennedy, route d’Avignon between sign EB10 (entrance to town) and rue Max-Chabaud, on route de Montpellier between EB10 and the Four à Chaux roundabout and on Boulevard Pasteur Marc Boegner.

Pedestrians remain priority

In the heart of town, in pedestrian zone circulation of EDPs is authorized: “at walking pace” on the mall of the Esplanade, on the central mall of avenue Feuchères, on the forecourt of the arenas, on the central mall of avenue Jean-Jaurès. Pedestrians have priority.

the parking EDPs must be done in dedicated areas (bike racks) and it is of course forbidden to use them under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, such as while telephoning or listening to music on headphones. It should be noted that the municipal police will multiply the interventions with the public of CM1 and CM2, to raise their awareness upstream.

The municipal police teams checked 71 scooter drivers: with 58 reminders to the rule and 13 verbalizations (fine of 35 € for the most recalcitrant).

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