Trampolines: pediatricians are concerned about an increase in fractures in children

Just walk around any residential area to see it. Trampolines have gradually invaded allotments, to the chagrin of some specialists, who deplore an increase in fractures in children.

This summer again, there is ONE thing that brings kids to the ER in spades with GOD’S FIRE fracturessomething that gives emergency doctors nightmares and makes orthopedists drool…And that’s…The trampoline”. Such is the tweet shock that an emergency physician working in pediatric emergencies, published on August 30.

Wishing to use Twitter to help the general public, this doctor illustrates his words with X-rays of limbs of children fractured following a fall on a trampoline. And further states that the net placed around certain trampolines is only an illusion of security.

Interviewed by our colleagues from BFM TV, Raphaël Vialle, head of the department of orthopedic and restorative surgery for children at the Armand Trousseau hospital in Paris, confirms. “Accidents are numerous and sometimes serious, which leads to medical overconsumption, particularly in the emergency room and in pediatric surgery departments.”, he laments, specifying that “a few isolated accidents can be particularly dramatic and lead to severe and permanent disability or even death in the event of serious head trauma”.

Boredom is obviously not the fact of bouncing, but the fall. Propelled in height, the children do not always manage to land correctly on their feet, on the trampoline. Result, “butter” fractures, with a bone that twists or crushes on itself, fractures that cause very intense pain, a cast and rehabilitation.

Adult supervision strongly recommended


At the microphone of BFMTV, Andreas Werner, president of the French Association of Ambulatory Pediatrics (Afpa), believes that children must be watched on a trampoline like one watches a child in the swimming pool or at the sea.avoid jumping on the trampoline with others, due to the risk of collision or ejectionAndreas Werner suggests considering this activity as “at risk”, and prohibit it for children under 6 years old.

Published in July 2019 in the journal Archives de Pédiatrie, a french study conducted between 2008 and 2016 concluded that surgical treatments were twice as likely in trampoline accidents than in other children’s activities. The researchers had also advised in conclusion individual use of the trampoline and under the supervision of an adult.

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