Train journey to Vienna turns into a nightmare for this couple from Waterloo: “No one could tell us how to continue our journey”

Katja Mader, 52, and Frédéric Pellissier, 53, had booked first-class tickets with German rail company Deutsche Bahn. Several hours after departure, the train suddenly stops in Cologne due to a “technical problem”. “Neither the train staff nor the station staff could tell us how to continue our journey,” Katja testified.

Unable to continue their journey on this train, the couple decided to take the next one. The vehicle crowded, they were forced to get off again. A third train will finally take them to Vienna, 2.5 hours late.

On the way back, same hassle: the train between Vienna and Frankfurt was 50 minutes late. As a result, Frédéric, who was returning alone, missed his correspondence for Brussels. He ended up continuing to Cologne and taking a Thalys, for which his original train ticket was not valid. He therefore had to pay the modest sum of. 455 euros.

The couple is now asking for compensation, up to 50% of the ticket price for the Brussels-Vienna journey, 25% of the ticket price for the Vienna-Brussels journey and reimbursement of the 455 euros for the Thalys. After receiving a voucher from the railway company worth 150 euros, the latter promised to proceed with a gradual refund.

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