trailer of "Spider-Man: No Return Home" will be released this tuesday

One of the most anticipated movies of the year, “Spider-Man: No Return Home“, won its new official trailer this Tuesday (16/11). With the premiere scheduled for December 16 in Brazil, the film stars Tom Holland e zendaya, bringing another character from the movies from MCU: O Dr. Strange, lived by Benedict Cumberbatch. The film will also feature Alfred Molina What Dr. Octopus e Jamie Foxx like the Electro — the last two villains from other trilogies.

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In the plot, the character played by Tom, Peter Parker, has to deal with difficulties after having his identity revealed, which results in a heavy public opinion about him. As shown in the previous trailer, released in August of this year, it goes to Dr. Strange asking to go back to the past, which results in a series of developments – the main one being the young man’s entry into the multiverse – the parallel realities of the MCU.

In the cast, there are still names like J.K Simmons interpreting J. Jonah Jameson e Marisa Tomei What May Parker, between others. According to the North American press, the presence of other actors who have lived Peter Paker is still pointed out, as Tobey Maguire e Andrew Garfield.

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