Tragic accident in Piacentino

The Trebbia floodplain area where the 4 boys were found dead

Piacenza, 11 January 2022 – Tragic car accident today in Piacentino, four young people in their twenties They had been found lifeless inside a car in the Trebbia river. The four, two 23-year-old boys, one of 22 and a girl of 21, had not given them any news since last night, and this morning the families, alarmed, had reported his disappearance.

To find the corpses along the river bank near Piacenza was a pescatore: the car was overturned and sunk in an isolated area between Malpaga and Puglia di Calendasco.

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At the moment the most probable hypothesis would seem the car accident: according to an initial reconstruction, the 4 aboard the car would have traveled the embankment, also crossing an agricultural field, but at a certain point the vehicle would have overturned in the icy waters, without giving way to the young people. In the area last night the fog was very thick. They investigate the carabinieri. The Chief Prosecutor Grazia Pradella also went to the scene. The identities of the victims are still under investigation, the young people would come from Castel San Giovanni and Borgonovo. One of the boys in the group was having a birthday.

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