Tragic accident in a shopping center in Genk: a child seriously injured after falling from an escalator

A four-year-old child was seriously injured after falling from the top of the Shopping 1 shopping center escalator in Genk, Limburg.

“I saw the child hanging from the railing at the very top of the escalator. Several people ran to catch up with the child but it was too late. We immediately called the emergency services,” a shopkeeper told the Nieuwsblad. “I went to see if I could help him but he didn’t look well.”

Rescuers stayed on site for about 30 minutes before taking the child to hospital. “It really touched me. I myself have children and I could not hold back my tears,” commented a witness.

Shopping 1 regrets the accident but reminds parents to watch their children and that a playground is available in the shopping center.

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