TPMP: Who is Hanan, the million-euro indebted restaurateur on hunger strike?

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This evening in Touche Pas à Mon Poste, Cyril Hanouna will receive Hanan, a restaurant owner in debt. But who is she?

For several days, the subject of Covid-19 has been mentioned every evening on the set of Do not touch My TV. It must be said that there is not a day when there is not a new twist concerning the virus, the vaccine or even the vaccine pass. And inevitably, that causes some tensions between the columnists and the guests. We think in particular of Géraldine Maillet who recently opposed Myriam Palomba, the director of the magazine Public. And tonight on the C8 show, Cyril Hanouna will receive Hanan, a victim of this health crisis… Because of the Covid, she is crippled with debts and for a few days she has been on a hunger strike to make herself heard.

“Debted with 1 million euros because of the COVID crisis, restaurateur Hanan has decided to start a hunger strike a few days after trying to end her life. Hanan will return to her fight this evening in #TPMP”, we could read on the official Twitter account of Do not touch My TV. The young woman should then deliver a poignant testimony on the show. And we think that Cyril Hanouna will not fail to support her in this fight.

Who is Hanan?

Before being able to find the young woman in TPMP, it is on social networks that his story makes people talk… On her Instagram account, she recently wrote: “We are a couple of restaurateurs in distress, we have been fighting for 2 years following this unprecedented health crisis! Today I find myself with more than 1 million euros in debt!! (…) They leave me exhausted with a rent of more than 29,990 euros every quarter! That is to say 10,000 euros for never there was a gesture towards me for this rent! Today we are completely abandoned by the franchise and the government”. A post liked by more than 3700 people.

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