TPMP: Matthieu Delormeau and Gilles Verdez exchanged violent remarks, Valérie Bénaïm breaks the silence

The atmosphere is sometimes stormy on the Touche set, not at my post. The regulars know it, the chroniclers can sometimes take the lead or even completely go to pieces. Everything goes wrong on January 5 during a debate around the Gims controversy. The singer no longer wants to be wished a happy new year, he is categorical. The statements of the journalist in relation to the reaction of Valérie Pécresse who had the singer as a great support are the cause of the dispute. “For me, it is unworthy. I tell you frankly. She released him in open country. There is a controversy, Marlène Schiappa the sum to react, suddenly for political reasons, she calls Gims and pretends to be indignant. “These remarks did not fail to make the former host of NRJ 12 jump.

Are Matthieu Delormeau and Gilles Verdez angry with each other? Valérie Bénaïm returned to the clash between the two columnists at the microphone of Sud Radio, while she is promoting her book: Jean-Pierre Bacri, the grumpy gentleman. “Nothing happens afterwards, that’s what’s great!” It is a space of freedom of expression. We say things to each other, but as in a family meal. That does not prevent that in the end, we kiss and everything is fine. It stays on the set,” she said on air.

“There is no animosity” according to the journalist and columnist who specifies that there is no grudge between the two men. “There really is no problem between them! That’s what you really need to understand on Touche pas à mon poste, we have convictions, we defend them. There is bad faith, of course! And so much the better, that’s also what makes the salt of the show. Once we’ve said what we had to say on very specific subjects, that doesn’t prevent friendship and that’s what I like. We have the right to disagree, to have divergent convictions, that does not mean that friendship does not exist. It is a place of contradictory debates and it is quite healthy. It’s a place where you can say anything.” Don’t panic. The two men ended their conversation with “I love you” and “I forgive you”

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