TPMP: Mallaury Nataf became homeless, a former Beijing Express candidate finds her and shocks the chroniclers

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A former Beijing Express candidate has just made revelations about Mallaury Nataf. And he shocked the columnists a bit!

We told you about it just a few hours ago: Mallaury Nataf was found in the street by a former Beijing Express candidate. This candidate is Mehdi. Since his participation in the M6 ​​show, he has been deeply involved in humanitarianism. And for several days, his goal was to find Mallaury Nataf, the former star of Honey and bees, a successful series which aired during the 90s. And by dint of research, Medhi found the former actress. But in front of him, she refused his help. She even started insulting Mehdi … And all that, he filmed it and posted it on social networks.

And it is this last point that bothers some chroniclers of Do not touch My TV. For them, Mehdi’s initiative is good … But they do not understand the value of disseminating these images on social networks. Matthieu Delormeau then declared: “I’m sorry to tell you. The idea is great. But I don’t see at all how the idea of ​​publicizing it is a good idea (…) It is very good what you did. But in what way does it help to show it like that? (…) When you film someone without asking him … Just that! The approach is good, but the form is not “.

Medhi s’excuse dans TPMP

Mehdi therefore explained himself by saying that it was a cry for help that he wanted to pass on the web. Moreover, after broadcasting this video, he was contacted by a person who offered to call the firefighters to take care of Mallaury Nataf. He didn’t see the harm in filming her on social media, but admits he was awkward. And he apologizes if things have been misinterpreted. He only wants to help the former star of the small screen. And Mehdi does not intend to drop the case … Even if Mallaury Nataf is very reluctant to get help.

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