TPMP: In tears, one of the columnists delivers a moving testimony on the subject of vaccination

Christian Estrosi’s sentence had the effect of a bomb. The mayor of Nice faced Jean-Jacques Bourdin Thursday, January 13 on RMC and BFMTV. The 66-year-old politician explained to the journalist that he wanted to “punish” people who refuse vaccination against Covid-19.

“Those who pose a threat to the activity, and to the health of our fellow citizens, are those who remain in unacceptable postures. That is why I want zero tolerance in this area”, he blurted out. “As part of the vaccination pass, those who are not vaccinated should be confined to their homes under the same conditions as in March-April 2020. And in addition, they should not have access to unemployment insurance” .

These comments were the subject of debate in Do not touch My TV. Cyril Hanouna had invited for the occasion, the restaurateur Stéphane Manigold and the lawyer Pierre Gentillet who defended the cause of the unvaccinated. The latter repeated it several times: “The debate is not the effectiveness of the vaccine.”

Danielle Moreau, like Matthieu Delormeau, spoke in favor of firm measures against the unvaccinated. The columnist then took the floor to discuss the situation of her 90-year-old mother.

“I am for being firmer because I have had enough! It’s been two years since we took half measures. Me, I’m afraid of the vaccine but I got the vaccine for my mother. You can’t imagine not the obstacle course to get vaccinated … “, she said won by the emotion. “A 90-year-old lady with Alzheimer’s, can you imagine how difficult it is to get her vaccinated? I fought for months to find someone to come to her home to get her vaccinated. I can’t. take it away, she will scream, she will struggle. It was a horrible moment. There are people who would like to be vaccinated but who cannot. I think the antivax are problems of the rich! “

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