TPMP: & quot; I ask everyone to boycott this nameless shit & quot ;, Cyril Hanouna dézingue France Télévisions

Do not touch My TV

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Credit: C8

Cyril Hanouna has just knocked out France Télévisions. And right here, we explain why.

Today, the names of the artists nominated for the 37th edition of Music victories were unveiled. And it caused a lot of talk on social networks! For Internet users, there is not enough diversity in the artists who are in the running … An opinion that is shared by Cyril Hanouna who just gave a big rant on Do not touch My TV. And for the star host of the PAF, we must boycott the ceremony which will be broadcast on France 2! Just below, you will be able to discover what Cyril Hanouna has to say and you will see that he clearly does not mince his words!

Cyril Hanouna – Credit (s): C8

“That’s bullshit! I’ll tell you why … Missing from the list? The biggest record seller: Grand Corps Malade is missing from the Victoires de la Musique! If there is no shenanigans of these Victoires de la Musique, I ask everyone to boycott this nameless shit! It’s a huge hoax, a huge masquerade. Gim’s is not named either. He misses Jul, he misses Ninho … All the biggest record sellers! I tell France Télévisions: it’s shameful to do that! (…) It seems that there is a huge scheme around the Victoires de la Musique. part of the independents and the record companies rule in Les Victoires de la Musique! “, said Cyril Hanouna.

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The chroniclers agree with Cyril Hanouna

And the columnists have been very numerous to react to the absence of great artists at the Music victories. This is the case with Raymond, who has a hard time understanding why Grand Corps Malade is not in the running For his part, Gilles Verdez said: “It is a co-option that is hidden behind a list of 600 people who elect. But in fact, they co-opt between large disc companies (…) They released Grand Corps Malade to share the prizes. They do not want to no rappers, because those houses don’t have the rap market apart from 2 or 3 rappers. I don’t have your power, but I too will boycott Les Victoires de la Musique “. At least, it is said!

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