TPMP: Cyril Hanouna shocked by Guillaume Genton and Matthieu Delormeau, he does something crazy on the air

Do not touch My TV

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Cyril Hanouna did something pretty crazy during tonight’s live. We explain everything in this article.

For this daily of Friday January 7, 2022, Sacha Elbaz made his return for the editorial. He then revealed that Guillaume Genton and Gilles Verdez could not see each other! And he is at the origin of their quarrel … It turns out that Sacha Elbaz called Guillaume Genton to tell him that Gilles Verdez spoke badly of him and vice versa. From there, the columnist, with the platinum blonde hair, decided to swing a little on his comrade. Guillaume Genton then reveals that Gilles Verdez had sent him lots of SMS to appear in his documentaries. But the latter totally denies having asked him anything …

In doubt, Cyril Hanouna therefore took Guillaume Genton’s cell phone. He then read the texts and for him the story was true. Except that by looking at the phone number, he realized that it was not Gilles Verdez’s! Guillaume Genton therefore lied and that for baba, it does not work! So he put his columnist’s phone in his pants! He nevertheless asked people who know Guillaume Genton to avoid calling him at this time … Especially since the phone is on vibrate!

Matthieu Delormeau also in the sights of Cyril Hanouna

And just to wreak havoc on the plateau of Do not touch My TV, Gilles Verdez then swing on Matthieu Delormeau. He explains in particular that the columnist scams Cyril Hanouna by asking him for more money than expected for the making of his documentaries. Moreover, he tackles the last he did on Disneyland Paris by telling him that it’s been 7 times that he has proposed the same subject. Cyril Hanouna, disappointed by Matthieu Delormeau, therefore took his cell phone as well. And the device was also found in the pants of the host! What Matthieu Delormeau did not like and he jumped on Baba to recover his property!

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