TPMP: Booder cracks and bursts into tears at the poignant testimony of a collateral victim of a gas explosion in Paris

This Wednesday, November 24, 2021, Cyril Hanouna was in charge of a new number of “Touche pas à mon poste”, broadcast live on C8. The host received Inès and Océane, whose lives were shattered following a gas explosion in Paris in January 2019. Inès was present at the time of the incident and was seriously injured. She remembers everything, like it was yesterday.

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“I see the firefighters who are looking for something and who cannot find it. I am with my two colleagues and we are about to enter the hotel. And then, I hear a firefighter who says’ This is it. have found ‘. I turn to see and there is one of the two who takes a wrench to shut the gas pipe. I think he failed to close the pipe because it farted in the street . I saw them die in front of my eyes “, begins Inès before specifying:” I did not lose consciousness and I saw the whole scene “. A big fear that turned the life of Inès, who had become disabled since this incident, upside down.

Since then, she has not received any compensation from the town hall of Paris. “The town hall of Paris which is under examination and the syndicate of co-ownership which is also, nobody wanted to pay us anything”, she confirms. What annoyed Cyril Hanouna a lot. “I do not understand that after three years, nothing has changed (…) It’s incredible. The mayor of Paris must do something, excuse me. You cannot delay such a serious matter, “said the host of” Don’t touch my post “.

Océane, Cyril Hanouna’s second guest, then told her story. She is the companion of one of the firefighters who died in the explosion on rue de Trévise. In tears, the young woman said: “We know the risks as a wife and parent of a Paris firefighter. We do not expect to lose them because of neglect,” says Océane, her voice trembling. A poignant testimony that upset Booder. The comedian broke down and burst into tears.


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