TPMP: Benjamin Castaldi at war with Matthieu Delormeau? He knocks him out with the boss of H2O

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Credit: C8

Benjamin Castaldi tackled Matthieu Delormeau. And in this article, we tell you everything.

Every Friday in Do not touch My TV, Sacha Elbaz comes to present “the informant of the editorial”. And this week, he decided to trap Benjamin Castaldi. For this, he called the columnist, making him believe that Matthieu Delormeau had made up his mind with Lionel Stan, the general manager of H2o Productions, the production company of Cyril Hanouna. Sacha Elbaz explained to him that Matthieu Delormeau had asked for more money to animate TPMP People which returns at the end of the month on C8. He adds that Lionel Stan was ready to hire Benjamin Castaldi in place of Matthieu Delormeau, which annoyed the latter!

This guy is limitless!

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Benjamin Castladi reacts to the information he has just received and he begins by tackling Matthieu Delormeau. He declares : “I’m gonna bring that Brad Pitt down from Wish! He’s really, a little, little ***. He’s got a career that’s as long as my dick, that’s to say how short it is. Dude, he did Le Mag. The most cheesy show in the PAF where he talked about things that have no interest. He presented, like a sea **, the Star Ac. He was bad. He can’t even read a prompter”. Sacha Elbaz then advised Benjamin Castaldi to make a phone call to Lionel Stan to make him an offer…

Benjamin Castaldi knocks out Matthieu Delormeau

“Do you know it’s the sales right now? I learned thanks to a little indiscretion that Delormeau was still acting up on the price of TPMP People. He’s ready for anything! Even to give his asshole for 0 This guy is limitless! I’m offering you something: I’ll give you 50% on my tarot”, then declared Benjamin Castaldi during this call. Obviously, Lionel Stan was in the confidence of this trap. And on the set, Cyril Hanouna also got into the game by giving the show to Benjamin Castaldi for 0 euro per month! Something to shock Matthieu Delormeau who still has to wonder if it’s serious or if it’s a joke!

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