TPMP: an uncomfortable columnist on Cyril Hanouna’s show? She swings

By johnnyc

– Published on May 14, 2022 at 8:20 p.m.

Ludivine Rétory explained the reasons for her absence from the show TPMP. She makes some confidences for Tele-Leisure.

This Thursday, May 12, Ludivine Rétory was the guest of Jordan de Luxe in the show At Jordan’s for Tele-Leisure. The columnist took the opportunity to return to the reasons for her absence from the show Do not touch My TV ! (TPMP). For several years, Cyril Hanouna invited the pretty Martiniquaise around his table, but his appearances are becoming increasingly rare on C8. His absence was noticed on the talk show. She explains that she does not agree with the changes in TPMP : It’s not the same format anymore.

Cyril Hanouna’s show, TPMP, was originally an entertainment program. However, it now deals more with politics and social issues. She states: I don’t feel entitled to it at all.”. And adds: What’s going to be entertainment, that’s totally my shit and I think Cyril has understood that very well.”. There is therefore no resentment or discord to report with the star of C8: It’s not because Cyril hates me, I assure you. I did all the other shows. » Ludivine Rétory is simply not comfortable with the topics covered. And stresses that it remains very present in TPMP Peoplethe Saturday night show hosted by Matthew Delormeau.

TPMP or the game of musical chairs

Cyril Hanouna and his merry band of columnists humorously decipher the news of the small screen, returning to the hearings or evoking the latest news items. It announces scoops and offbeat chronicles are also on the agenda. The talk show team is constantly on the move. It is not uncommon to see columnists arrive and leave. They regularly arrive in TPMPlike Anissa, the daughter of Cécile, a participant of Married at first sight 5and of Hugo Manos, the companion of Laurent Ruquier. The best known are Gilles Verdez, Matthieu Delormeau, Valérie Bénaïm and Camille Combal.

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