TPMP: Ali, retired, dragged several meters by a car, he delivers a poignant testimony

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Credits: C8 / Touche Pas À Mon Poste

Ali, one of the victims of the attacks in Noisy-le-Sec, testified on TPMP. A poignant and touching testimony.

The facts unfolded last Sunday, January 9. On Snapchat, two individuals share a video of them hilarious, driving a car, dragging two people. Quickly, the video toured social networks in the most total indignation, internet users calling for the individuals to be found. This Tuesday, January 11, Ali, who is one of the victims of these attacks, testified in Touche Pas À Mon Poste accompanied by his nephew Hocine. Ali says he has several fractures, especially in the foot and humerus, before saying “I was afraid of being too damaged”.

On the tray by Touche Pas à mon Poste, the retiree tells how this scene unfolded. The driver, who seemed to know him since he called him by his first name, asks Ali for a cigarette. He walks over to the car to give it one before the driver grabs his arm and starts rolling before letting go and seeing it fall on the asphalt. Later in the show, the victim even claims to have received a money offer if he withdraws his complaint: 1000 € if he withdraws it. A sum that Ali refused and warned the police station of the scheming that was taking place.

The video caused a reaction

The video was relayed from thousand times on social networks and made many people react. The investigation is still ongoing and the driver of the car surrendered on Monday January 10. He is currently still in police custody. Ali announces that he saw four people in the car, the police are still looking for these three other individuals present with the driver at the time of the facts. More information to come. The testimony is still available on C8.

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