TPMP: A columnist "drowned in smoke"he swings!

In October 2001, Jean-Pascal Lacoste was selected by TF1 to take part in the first edition of Star Academy. An intense adventure that allowed him to gain a dazzling notoriety and to stand out with an astonishing performance: he is the only artist not to have made any duet with a guest artist. This did not prevent him from meeting a big success in 2002 with his single “The agitator”, certified gold, despite his poor qualities as a singer. It is also not on this path that the 44-year-old troublemaker continued since from 2006 to 2013, he camped the character of Luc Irrandonéa in the detective series “Research Section” on TF1.

In the program “50 ‘Inside” broadcast on Saturday July 23, 2022, the one who today shares the life of Delphine Tellier returned to his complicated passage when success was no longer there. “The period which was complicated, when the TV stopped a little, I have custody of my children. I had something to hold on to a little… But we had to think about what we could do, how we could do it. So there it was a bit complicated.he remembered.

Jean-Pascal, who had had a little flirtation with Jenifer at the castle of Dammarie-lès-lLys, told Nikos that he had experienced a dark period during which his lifestyle was tested. “I drowned in smoking, things like that. To try to disregard he conceded. And to add not having taken shelter financially as it should have been: “Instead of spending my money on cars, maybe I should have invested in two apartments and that would have allowed me precisely, at the time of a hard blow, to say to myself ‘well, I have enough to bounce back’. But those are the mistakes we make when we’re younger“, he concluded wisely.

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