Toulouse: major fire in progress in a building in the Saint-Cyprien district

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A fire is underway in an apartment in the Saint-Cyprien district of Toulouse.

A major fire is underway this Sunday at noon in a building in the Saint-Cyprien district. According to the firefighters, the fire started in an apartment located rue Saint-Nicolas, a small street which joins the place de l’Estrapade.

Fire in rue Saint-Nicolas

Thick black smoke rises from the burning building. Significant resources were deployed on site to put out the fire. At least one person was evacuated.

Fire in progress in an apartment rue Cujette. According to one of the police, the person got out. A neighbor went upstairs to look for the person before going out when the firefighters arrived. Neighbors in other buildings are asked not to go out. Firefighters, police on site

—Sofia Mazhar (@MazharSofia) November 13, 2022

More information to follow…

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