Tough duel of competing televisions: Vysočina won over the ZOO!

Nova TV also tried to return to the broadcast the Surgery in the Rose Garden 2 for one evening. But the miracle did not happen. The thematic archive program Nova Gold was watched by 72,000 spectators. Otherwise, Růžovka is only available on the paid VOYO channel. Prima presented another half of the series Slunečná in front of the ZOO, and it maintained its standard, and the fates of Týny and Janka were followed by 918,000 people, despite the unexpected time.

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The children’s star from Prima got the main role! She is Burešová start worrying?

Although Czech Television did not intervene in the fight for the first places on Thursday, it is still warming up with Sunday’s success, which has so far made it this year’s number one in the newly launched series. At the end of the weekend, 1,900,000 people watched the first part of the Ninety series. It will be very difficult to catch up!

Thursday night views

  1. Nova Badge Vysočina 1 390 000
  2. Premium ZOO 1,330,000
  3. Prima Slunečná 918 000
  4. Nova Kriminálka Anděl 654,000
  5. Prima Incognito 592 000

New crime badge Vysočina: Why filming Frozen cold?

Pecháčková she got the first part for her birthday

A new serial star shone in the ZOO for the first time. On the day of the television premiere of the series, Michaela Pecháčková was in her 18th birthday. Sidonie’s representative has been an adult for two days. Míša’s birthday started at 4.50 due to filming. “I was surprised,” the actress admitted. “We went one picture a few times – and then the director said he was unhappy that he had to shoot it again.” The fox Jaromír Polišenský was preparing his ascent. “I sat down obediently and waited for the event. And she came, but completely different than I expected. He appeared with a cake in his hand and everyone started singing and wishing me. I got three beautiful bouquets. Thank you very much, “Míša added moved. He is going to get a driver’s license, but he still divides time between school and filming, so there is no time yet.

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