Touching moment in the middle of a concert: Adele united with teacher after 21 years

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Usually, it is the audience at Adele’s concerts who may experience getting a bit damp eyes.

But for the special ‘An Audience with’ concert at the London Palladium, which Adele has held in connection with the release of her new album, it was the star herself who was moved to tears.

It happened when one of the many famous guests, Emma Thompson, asked if there was a special person in the singer’s childhood who protected and inspired her.

‘Yes, I had an English teacher, Miss McDonald. It was only one year, but she made me really interested in literature, “was the response from Adele, who also says that Miss McDonald danced street dance in the school canteen.

“She was just wildly cool. She made us go up in things, and she went up in us. “

And it turned out – fortunately – that Miss McDonald was actually standing behind the scenes waiting to surprise Adele.

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As the clip shows, it succeeded in abundance, and Adele’s joy was unmistakable either – at least she could not hold back her tears.

“I’m so proud of you,” Miss McDonald says as the two hug each other.

“I’ve not seen you since I was 12 or something,” Adele says.

And with the world star’s age of 33, it must mean the reunion has been 21 years in the making.

It probably won’t be long before they talk again, because Adele is also asked for her old teacher’s phone number.

The experience is so overwhelming that Adele’s makeup smokes in the turn, and in the minutes it takes to freshen it up, her friend comedian Alan Carr takes over the stage and gives a ‘graceful’ version of the song ‘Make You Feel My Love’.

‘An Audience with…’ is a well-known British television program in which a celebrity – most often a singer or comedian – performs for a number of well-known guests, who along the way are given the opportunity to ask questions.

For Adele’s performance, celebrities such as Emma Watson, Dua Lipa, Samuel L. Jackson and Bryan Cranston were present.

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